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Cardinali is located on the hill of Montepascolo in front of the medieval village of Castell'Arquato surrounded by a beautiful landscape at 200-250 meters above sea level in the east of Piacenza.



Alberto is warm-hearted and very gentle with animals, nature, human...everything surrounding him. His vineyard seems like a paradise for living things.

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Founded: 1973
Region : Emilia Romagna - Castell'Arquato/Piacenza/Italy
Wine Maker : Alberto Cardinali, Laura Cardinali
Vines Area: 7 ha
Annual Production : around 5,000 bottles


Alberto and Laura’s parents started Cardinali winery from 1973. Alberto continues the traditional wine making with minimum human intervention. Their focus is on plants. Plants’ health and well-being are their wealth and satisfaction. The nature-friendly fields grow freely and protect the soil rich in microorganisms. The grapes are carefully harvested by hand picking, fermented with wild yeast. They reduce the use of sulfur dioxide to zero to almost zero, and calmly watch over the grapes filled with elements slowly changing into refined wines.
The wine carefully crafted by the gentle producers on a land well received by the sun's blessings, is powerful, dignified and like no other.


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