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Kristian Keber's parents' house, Edi Keber, has a history of 350 years and is a prestigious winery that started bottling in 1957. He inherited an old vineyard from his grandfather Roman and he decided to realize his dream in the Goriška Brda Region. The cultivated grapes are the natives: Ribolla Gialla, Tocai Friulano and Malvasia Istriana. Of course, he followed the idea Wine-Terroir and therefore the name of the wine is Brda, which is the Slovenian translation of Collio. The slopes are covered with terraced vineyards and the soil is called Ponca or Opoka. He has always loved macerated wines with spontaneous fermentation, and he has been experimenting this method for years, now, Brda is the realization of it. He bottles only one type of wine named "BRDA"which expresses the land of Brda.
The harvest is manual, the grapes macerate and ferment in concrete tanks, without temperature control and without the addition of selected yeasts. The maceration (grapes with stalk) lasted 5 months. After the pressing, the wine ages in oak barrels for 2 years, the natural sedimentation is achieved, and the wine is bottled without being filtered.

Founded: 2012 - Kristian Keber, 1957 - Edi Keber
Region : BRDA/Primorska/Slovenia - Kristian Keber

                Cormons/Gorizia/Italy - Edi Keber
Wine Maker : Kristian Keber, Veronika Keber
Vines Area:  1.7 ha/Brda, 12 ha/Cormons
Annual Production : around 2,400 bottles - Brda 

                                    around 15,000 bottles - Collio Bianco

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