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Founded: 1997
Region : Friuli Venezia Giulia - Sgonico/Trieste/Italy
Wine Maker : Paolo Vodopivec
Vines Area: 6 ha
Annual Production : around 12,000 bottles


Genius Paolo who makes his maximum effort.
Not only his appearance but also his personality is super cool, never compromises and spares no pains to all of viticulture and vinification process,  always challenging without being afraid to take risk.
The Vodopivec family in the Carso district of Trieste has been farming for generations, but in 1997, the Paolo & Valter brothers started full-scale production and bottling as a winery.


Having experimented with other varieties in the past, they believe that Vitovska, the native grapes of this area, is the true voice of the Carso, and works solely with Vitovska.
Carso is a limestone plateau with little soil. He removed the topsoil, crushed the bedrocks with something like a rock drill to turn them into rocks or stones, and then returned the soil removed. He brought land into vineyard by himself in this way.
Only when it is deemed necessary, use fully-ripened compost based on cattle dung raised in Carrso that are growing up with feed no pesticides produced in Carso, and cultivate only drugs based on natural materials such as seaweed, minerals, and soil, without using any pesticides.

In 2009, he started building a new cellar. The walls are bare Carso rock, cement is only used on the ceiling, and the paint is a natural material based on earth. Since Paolo does not like the structure with a corner, it looks like two circles attached. He says that it is important for the air and energy to circulate evenly to some extent. Once turn off the power, the cellar is completely out of current, wines can rest without the influence of electromagnetic waves. This cellar sows the greatest respect for wine. Amazingly, he built this cellar almost by himself! This cellar is like a temple of wine.

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