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Founded: 2006
Region : Veneto - San Giovanni Ilarione/Verona
Wine Maker : Daniele Piccinin
Vines Area:  7ha
Annual Production : around 45,000 bottles

MUNI is a family run winery. Daniele Piccinin worked as a sommelier at his restaurant's co-owners. In 2006, he sold his restaurant rights and decided to make his own wine. "Wishing for the revival of the indigenous varieties of the place where I was born and raised" he choose his hometown San Giovanni Ilarione as his winemaking ground.


There is the indigenous white grape called "Durella" that has sharp acidity and tannins, has been cultivated in this area for more than 1000 years. Durella is from a medium-compact bunch with thick skin, which allows them to leave it on the vine for a longer period of time. Daniele believed that complete ripe Durella would definitely makes great white wine, so he cultivated a field near his house and dared to plant this grape. And he planted Pinot Nero at a higher altitude, 500m above sea level, thinking that the weather conditions and altitude may be suitable.


He wants the minerality to reflect the vitality of the soil, so that it can be found clearly in his wines. 
He owes a special thanks to all the dearest people who have supported him over the years and who still help him on his evolutionary path; especially to his family who endorsed him, supporting him on this tortuous but beautiful journey. 


“I consider myself a lucky man as I am able to make a living doing what I love. Being able to transform passionately a bunch of grapes into wine is truly a gesture of love.”

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