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In 1956 Giuseppe Bensa purchased a small piece of land in order to produce wine to be sold at his inn. Near the end of the seventies, his sons Giorgio and Nicolò took over the estate. In 1985 they decided to start bottling the wine produced and devote all their passion to agriculture and founded the farm La Castellada. Today Nicolò works together with his son, Stefano and Matteo. 

Founded : 1985
Region : Friuli Venezia Giulia - Gorizia/Italy
Wine Maker : Nicolò Bensa, Stefano Bensa
Vines Area : 8.5 ha
Annual Production : Around 30,000 bottles

La Castellada lies in the Oslavia bordering Slovenia in the far northeastern corner of the Friuli. Its name takes from one of the Oslavia hills. Nicolò is one of the master winemaker in this area. 

It’s his belief that he makes wines which evolves with long aging. He has the utmost respect and appreciate all that surrounds him such as nature, land and tradition. Therefore he practices organic farming not to give ill effect on natural surroundings and ecosystem. Nicolò made his way step by step. He vinifies under his own philosophy, through spontaneous open vat fermentation with wild yeast, maturation by using different barrels and tank, and bottling without filtration He produces elegant and supreme terroir wine in each vintage. 

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