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They start taking the biodynamic route from 2022. Their philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: "Let's go back to the roots", which allows them to work in the cellar as well as in the vineyard, with the simplicity that their fathers and grandfathers passed on to them. Their aim is not to leave nature to its own devices, but to help it achieve greater and more constant soil fertility, with healthier plants that are resistant to disease and pests.

For a vine to assimilate its terroir from its roots, it must be alive. Beyond this point, technology in the cellar is useless. Wine can therefore only naturally receive its originality, making it unique, from the imprint of its terroir.

In this way they produce higher quality grapes from which we obtain real, natural and local wines.

Founded : 2020

Region : Emilia Romagna - Castell'Arquato/Piacenza

Wine Maker : Andrea Bruschi

Vines Area: 5 ha

Annual Production : 5000 bottles

Andrea and his wife Paola took over the vineyard and decided to create "Montepascolo" by listening to their passion for the land and their desire to "go back to the origins" of farmers and winemakers for generations. The winery is situated in the hills of the Val D'Arda, in the municipality of Castell'Arquato, a splendid medieval village in the Piacenza Natural Reserve, 220 meters above sea level.

Their friendship with winemakers who share a common goal of producing real wines has allowed them to get to know the world of natural wine, which immediately proved to be interesting because it respects the natural balances that surround them and are often ignored.

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