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IL VEI is the Braghieri family Savino, Anna and their son Riccardo run winery located in a small village named Piozzano in the suburbs of Piacenza. It’s on the beautiful hill surrounded by unspoiled rich nature that chemical fertilizers and agricultural chemicals have never been used all around here. Savino and Anna started to grow grapes on 1 hectare of land, increase it to 8 hectares now. They make wines in the traditional local method that it is bottled during the fermentation and performs a secondary fermentation in a bottle. Thus carbon dioxide is generated in a bottle and prevents the oxidation of wine. So they never use SO2 when bottling.


Region : Emilia Romagna - Piozzano/Piacenza/Italy
Wine Maker : Savino Braghieri
Vines Area : 8 ha
Annual Production : Sold by measure, bottled to order


Toward wine is made, regular customers come directly and buy large quantities of wine in a damigiana. They also enjoy drinking, eating and catching up on each other’s lives at that moment. The Braghieri family sells most of their wine production by measure in this way, and bottles wine to order for selling to local restaurants and wine shops. We can seldom drink these locally grown and locally consumed wines even in Italy.
Every item has a different color of wine cap. Savino, Anna and Riccardo discussed and decided it among themselves. Ladybug became their trademark by being drawn on the wine label. It hadn’t been planned, ladybug had happened to rest on the grape vine when they had taken a photo for a label. Their personalities are also simple, natural and warm. They possess all virtue that farmers are expected to have: honesty, humility and rectitude. Their wine is “The Terroir Wine" that make us feel warm at home. 

*A damigiana is a very large glass jug that can contain around 50 liters.

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