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Founded:  1935
Region : Emilia Romagna - Castell'Arquato/Piacenza/Italy
Wine Maker : Massimiliano Croci
Vines Area : 10 ha
Annual Production : around 25,000 bottles


Croci is located on the hill of Monterosso in front of the medieval village of Castell'Arquato surrounded by a beautiful landscape at 250 meters above sea level in the east of Piacenza.
Croci winery started from 1935 when Giuseppe Croci who engaged in agriculture bought this land. They have been committed to organic cultivation respecting nature with love. The passion for the land is handed down from generation to generation in the Croci family.
The young owner Massimiliano for three generations is now managing this small winery and keeping their important winemaking tradition.

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The yeast is weak because their vineyards is in clay and sandy soil with poor nutrients, so fermentation proceeds slowly. The grapes are sent to cement tanks with natural wild yeast for skin contact and ferments.. Winter comes during alcohol fermentation, temperatures of the cantina and tanks go down, and then fermentation stops. After staying the winter in the tanks, wine is bottled under a waning moon in Spring. Dormant yeast starts to be active again as the wine temperature rises with warm  while naturally leaving gentle bubbles, Croci’s slightly sparkling “frizzante wines” are made by such traditional, local and natural methods. As if making local wine is their destiny. They’re unable to make long aging wines, however their wines will become rich and fascinating after they’re just aged for two or three years in a cellar. Croci is a winemaker who accepts surroundings and continues to produce their “Terroir Wines” in their own way.

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