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Founded: 2012
Region :  Emilia Romagna-Travo/Piacenza
Wine Maker : Alberto Anguissola
Vines Area: 4 ha


A passionate man Alberto Anguisola, who continues to challenge the possibilities of Pino Nero in a superb location in the southwestern part of Piacenza overlooking the Italian Apennines.
Alberto met Giulio Armani of Denavolo & La Stoppa in the early 90s. He has spread his insights about wine through drinking wine with Giulio. He had made wine with a La Stopper cellar from 2000 as a part-time farmer, but in 2012 he decided to quit the company and live with only passionate winemaking.


The home and winery is located at 550 meters above sea level in Travo. The south-facing steep slope benefits from the cool breeze blowing from the valley and the sunshine, giving it an elegant acid. Alberto was fascinated by wine making and prepared to make a living by making wine alone. If we drink while thinking how his thoughts and way of life appear in wine, we will see a different side.

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